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Blurry Certificates

  • 9 January 2023
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I can’t figure out why our certificates are blurry after following the recommended sizing during creation and download from Canva. Has anyone else had problems with this?


Best answer by lrnlab 9 January 2023, 22:17

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3 replies

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had quick might try increasing you DPI or resolution...looks like it’s really low which is likely causing the blurry-ness...If you compare that to the actual text added by Docebo which is clear.

Thank you! I think I chose the largest one possible in Canva. It didn’t help. Can you recommend a size? The video instructions show JPG 290 KB, Dimensions 3508x2480

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try saving it as PNG with the highest resolution you can...probably 300 dpi. the overall size needs to be what Docebo specs dictate though, not larger otherwise it wont load.