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Can a power user enroll a learner into a specific session from an ILT course?

  • 2 September 2021
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We have a strong need to have managers/ or power users self enroll a user/learner from the MY Team page into a specific session of a ILT course. We know the user/learner can self enroll into a session but can we get a manager/power user to do this? In power user permissions, in the drop lists, it distinctly says sessions not just courses. Maybe it’s the language that confuses me? Since is says ILT Sessions. Thank you in advance for any information on this.



Best answer by ncassella 3 September 2021, 14:59

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3 replies

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HI @ncassella a power user can for sure as long you provide them with the proper permissions...however I believe that if you do not assign a PU role to your managers, all they can do is enroll their employees into a course, not the actual session/events.

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Thank You Irnlab. When you say PU Role do you mean permissions? In this scenario the Power User is checked as a power user in user management and also has one user assigned making it a manger. The power user and the user are both in the same branch. Would you know the exact minimal permissions needed to perform this task? I tried adding enrollment permissions, webinar session permissions, and ILT session permissions all making them editable but I don’t see any differences and nothing seems to work.  Again, thank you for your support and quick replies it’s greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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I believe I figured this out. I was under the impression (why i don’t know) that all this should be done on the MY Team page. However I was able to enroll a user into a itl course on the my team page as a PU, then drilled to course management to enroll them into a particular session.