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Can we push suggested content to learners after completing a course?

  • 9 January 2023
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Hello folks, & happy New Year.

I had a PowerUser ask if we could have Docebo offer some suggested courses after users complete a given training, Netflix-style. I could come up with a few ideas like offering links in the Feedback Management if there’s a test, or possibly using the iframe in the widgets, but these are workarounds & i’d rather ensure that this actual functionality doesn’t exist first. i’ve searched a few articles & turned up nothing but if anyone knows of any such feature I’d appreciate hearing about it.



Best answer by Bfarkas 9 January 2023, 21:22

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There are some of the AI based course recommendations, but people have hit and miss luck on those. Some other ways besides what you suggest above that might be of use too:

  • Have a custom module on a custom home page that changes when certain learning plans/courses are complete. I know this adds overhead, so would probably only do if there were other reasons to change the pages and do so more after completing groups of classes rather than single classes.
  • Setup a notification to go out upon course completion, a bit of a congrats on completion, and add some deep links to recommended courses?
  • The widget you mention above on a course, but does it need to be an iframe? Just a couple bullets of recommended courses to checkout after?
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These are some good ideas; thanks @Bfarkas!

@NateC Wondering if you’ve picked a direction based on the conversation above and have made any progress. We’ve been considering suggesting courses after a course is completed but haven’t come up with how best to go about it yet.

Thank you!


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Hi @kevin.flatley.

Right now we have not really progressed. The person who initially requested has changed their mind. But it is still something we plan to look into in the future. It’s sort of on the backburner for now as we deal with product launches & other projects.

I’ll try to remember to come back to this thread if/when we move forward & let you know how we proceed.




My primary stakeholder REALLY wants this feature, but what is suggested is not really as important as it is to keep them coming back to the platform.

I have thought of having it redirect them to a page that I have html widgets that just have a comslider style banner of the same generic courses I manually rotate out myself every two weeks or so. Does anyone have an idea that is based around that?

My other question though also (and I may post this as a new question) how do we get the learning plan/course view that has the suggested for you page to be available even when a user is enrolled in or returning to a course. I could see that being valuable in certain scenarios, but my learner current workflow just takes them straight into the learning material. Is this just a matter of me changing a course setting?


Ok thanks!!


@NateC curious if you ever did the iframe as a widget in the course. I think this may be my best bet. I am just stuck on how I build that iframe. Did you figure it out?