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Can you assign a notification by expiry date?

  • 14 May 2024
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Trying to wrap my mind around the notifications. If we have a number of courses that all have different validity dates (e.g. 7 days, 21 days, 30, 60 etc.), is there a way to get around the ‘event’ being the enrolment and have the event as the expiry date to avoid having to set up multiple different notifications. 


TLDR; is there a way to have one notification that can be reused, say, alerts users 7 days out from a course expiry date regardless of how long the validity period is of the course?


Please and thank you :)


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You can set up a ‘Digest’ email that you can set to go out regularly and will contain a list of any courses that user’s haven’t completed. In the courses list of notifications:

  • ‘Digest: learner has yet to complete the course’ will do courses they have been enrolled on and you can include the expiry date in the email body, and you can choose whatever interval you want that to be sent out.
  • ‘Digest: course has expired’ will do courses that are overdue at whatever interval you choose.


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Keep in mind the Learner has yet to complete a course email is sent based on the enrolment date while the Course has expired is triggered based on the “end of validity” (or due date) date on the course. If you need one sent at 7 days before the due the date and another, say, 1 day before, each is its own notification. You can only configure a single timeframe per template. Using the digest version is goo Dif your users have many courses with similar due dates or best to use to send to managers and/or power users (admins)