Can you change Branch Name or Branch path via csv import?

  • 1 February 2022
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Our company is restructuring it’s organizational chart.

Most of the existing branch names and paths will be changing.

Is there an easy way to update the organization chart through an import?

Thank you.

4 replies

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HI @ncassella not that I know of and it’s pretty finicky when it comes to matching up branch names and codes as I found out recently…

I created a bunch of new branches (2,000+) in a new implementation but when I sent to update a small batch of new users, some of the branch names were not perfectly matched (spelling errors) and although the branch code was correct, the records were rejected.

Also note that if you have duplicate branch names but with different codes (allowed if you use the option to create a branch while importing users) this does not work when adding users to those branches as it reads the branch name independently from the codes for some reason. All those branch names had to renamed so we could use the import...a hard lesson to learn.

All this said, you might better off creating a bunch of new branches and move your users under those and then delete the old ones. The “move to branch” option works quite well and there is an API to handle that if you have a database expert to help you out.!/manage/User/User_manage_v1_user_move_to_branch

Searched the API explorer to see if there were any such jobs but none to change a branch name :pensive:

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Can new branches be created through an import without being associated with a user?

You wrote that recently you created 2000, how was that created? I’m seeing that a user needs to be associated with the branch to do that. Please advise when you can. Thank you.

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yes you need to import at least 1 user per new branch. You could just create a bunch of test users (Test01, Test02, etc.)

when you set up your file, the branch name paths and branch code paths need to written like this (each level is separated by a slash “/” + you need to start at the very top level branch:

Branch name path:

Parent Branch/Sub branch 1/Sub branch 2/ and so on..

Branch Code path: follows same as above (I write these in CAPS)


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OK yes that makes sense. Thanks Irnhab!