Certificates for certifications having wrong expiration date

  • 23 January 2023
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I have a client who had an issue with Certificates/Certification and expiration dates. They have courses that are set to have both and the certifications are yearly. Last year there was a date issue where the wrong dates were on the certificates associated to the courses. This was a bug that was fixed by Docebo. Now 99% of them have worked but recently they had a group that renewed their certifications, but when they downloaded their certificates they had the old expiry date on them not the new date. It was only 1 set of 7 people on the 16th, not all people on the 16th experienced this, no others before or since have experienced this (since the bug fix). The client went in and manually re-issued to get the right dates so I can’t see the error any more (have the certificate with the old date from an attachment so it is real). I also cannot seem to replicate the issue in my test system.

Has anyone else had an issue with wrong expiration dates on certificates issued in relation to certification? If so did you track down the problem? What causes it specifically?

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