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Certification for only one group of users

  • 17 November 2021
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I am very new to Docebo. I enabled the Certification and Retraining App and it looks like it has basic functionality that should satisfy my requirement. However, I would like some certifications that apply only to one group of (internal) users. For example, I want to identify a subset of courses towards certifying support engineers in product knowledge. These courses are accessible and appropriate for other users also, but certification must be limited to the support group users.

Is it possible to accomplish that in some way? How should I think about this?


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4 replies

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Hi @kmanoj - If you leverage groups / enrollment rules you should be able to do it. These will allow you to enroll in a learning plan / course based on your group logic.

Consider carefully what passes a person from one group to the next (completion of course can make them eligible to be in a group) and you should be on your way to something successful…

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@kmanoj I agree with @dklinger - you will need to look into using groups.

One thing to note - Certification & Retraining doesn’t have much logic, it is simply adding everyone who completed specific learning, to the list of certified people.

The way to control who can get certified is by controlling who is allowed to access the learning content which is granting the certification.

On our example, on our platform we serve customers, partners, contractors, and employees. We have certification for harassment prevention - which is only applicable to employees, and another one for information security which is obligatory for employees and contractors. So, the Anti-harassment course is only assigned to the group of employees, and the info-sec course is assigned to employees and contractors groups. As only people in those groups can access and complete the learning, only they can get certified.

Assigning courses to groups - may be done through enrolling group members in the course (manually or with auto-enrollments), or by creating catalogs, which can only be visible to specific groups (note a course can be assigned to several catalogs).

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@dklingerand @alekwo 

Thank you for your responses. I looked at the platform based on the responses you gave.

My specific use case involves a set of courses that will be used in multiple settings: for customer users, for general internal employees, and for internal employees engaging in customer support. The certification would only be appropriate for the support agents. I would like the same courses available without the certification for external and general internal employees. After reading the ideas shared and doing some experiments, I feel that we could

  • Create a group for the support employees.
  • Create tests for each course.
  • Create learning plans that include the courses and tests
  • Assign the learning plans to the support employee group
  • Create certifications that require the completion of the learning plan

At least I know that there is a straightforward way to accomplish whatever I wanted. Maybe an even easier path will emerge when I learn the system better.

Thank you so much for the guidance!

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@kmanoj We’re dealing with the same issue. We have courses that are appropriate for internals and customer users, but we want our internals to complete a short test for each course. I’m toying with setting it up the way you’ve described here. Did you create a separate ‘course’ for each test, or did you include all tests in one course?
I’m also considering duplicating our courses for the certification path that only internals would see and then I’d add the test as a second learning object on each course.
I’m interested in how your set up is working for you. Thanks!