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Channel management

  • 21 May 2022
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We have a channel that is visible to only 1 user group. The channel widget is on our default home page, but the users who don’t have visibility to the channel are seeing a “whoops nothing to see here” error. I’ve scanned through channel related articles, but any recommendations? I think my best option is to create additional pages, but I want to keep that structure as clean/efficient as possible. 


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Hi @amanda.wellons page widgets are not dynamic so they will behave as you describe above for anyone who does not have access to the content in the widget. We have the same situation where only part of users have access to a version if a page so we created copies of the main pages and adjusted them for the different audiences. Once done, you can also manage access to the proper pages via the Groups app instead directly linking to a role or branch(es).

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Hi @amanda.wellons If you include at least one other channel that all users do have access to your widget to you can avoid the “whoops...” message. I ordered mine so that the users see the restricted channel(s) appliable to them first and then the one at the bottom is the generic channel available to all users. 

I did the same thing with the catalog widget to solve the same “whoops..” issue. 

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@amanda.wellons - just as @lrnlab suggested, we also created multiple hoe pages so that our learners will see the correct content on the widgets on the home page. These page are associated to Menus, and then groups. 
It’s a lot to set up and maintain, but ultimately - creates the best user experience and still allows you to have the channel widget on the page. 

Advice - track the pages, menus and groups, and have one person on your team responsible for managing it so it doesn’t get out of control + have that person document the HECK out of everything they do so you have record of it just in case.
We now have 22 different menus, which means 22 different home pages - and far ore than 22 groups… but those involved it he menus at all automatic. ;) 

Like I said.. a LOT to maintain, but totally worth it to create that personalized experience for the learner.