Contest's Leaderboard in Gamification

  • 9 September 2021
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Maybe I am missing something…. why aren’t leaderboards associated with a contest?

I mean, I can create a leaderboard, and essentially map it to the same thing, but what is the benefit of running a contest if you can’t show people how they are doing in it?


Which brings me to my next question.

Can I show a specific leaderboard in a widget instead of the learner having to select from the drop down? Haven’t figured out how yet.

Imagine I have a ‘contest’ page… I want so show the leaderboard for THAT contest on the top of the page….


Any help is appreciated.

1 reply

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OMG! I was just about to ask this same thing!  

I just implemented gamification to test it with a SMALL group and created our first contest and was surprised I couldn’t see a leader board for the contest  How are they to know who is in the lead?  Where is the competition?  I think either I am missing something or Docebo is missing a major feature!

And yes, yes, yes to creating a specific widget for a  current contest!