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Has anyone had the need to limit the visibility of the answers of a test on a course? 

Example: A department has a course that contains a test. The answers to the test would be considered sensitive information and not all power users are privy to the information but all power users still need access to report profile permissions. 

How would we limit who could access the test answers on the course two a few power users but still allow the ability to access the course to all of the learners who need to take the course & answer the questions on the test?


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Hi @Courtney.harvey this may depend on how your PU roles and permissions are set-up. If you only allow them to see “all courses in visible catalogues” then you could leave this course out of catalogues and only assign it manually to a select few PUs. We do this for some exams but keep out of view for everyone except the super admins

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@lrnlab Thank you for the suggestion!