Create a searchable user director for students?

  • 18 January 2023
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We want to create an open directory, so that our users can search through the current student list and get information. Obviously people would opt in to what they want to share. Has anyone done anything like this? Or have you integrated an outside program into docebo to make this possible? 

1 reply

We haven’t figured it out, but it has been a top ask from our Users to be able to search each other and see the Org Tree/Directory of Users. It seems like it should be possible.

  • The profile widget pulls from their information and can be visible to that User.
  • The manager can see a layer of information on the Team Page. 
  • We have the ability to give Power Users permissions by Branch. 
  • When you’re looking at an Asset, you can click the Uploader’s name and see their uploads
  • You can Search the Q&A Page by User Name. 

So, all the information is there, and is available in different circumstances. I would also love to know if anyone else has found a way to accomplish this.