creating a course as a resource

  • 20 June 2022
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We have a 5 day leadership programme for staff.  In this programme we need course materials, chat area, ability to book a coaching session etc etc.

We have built this in MS Teams as we needed to get it up and running quickly and it seemed the easiest way of being able to break down the content into ‘days’ and be able to share files via links or sharing.    ideally we’d like to have this in the LMS. 

Does anyone know if we can achieve something similar in the LMS?  I have had a look but can’t see any way of creating something that’s as easy to get into and easy to layout the way we want.

Here is a picture.  You can see across the top we have the content broken into day 1, day 2 etc.  We can also create channels for different cohorts, and the delegates can post their own comments into the ‘posts’ area.  Can something similar be created in Docebo?



1 reply

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@KTJD only option I can think of is to create this page using the HTML page option (or iFrame if you have access to a server where you can pull in the page(s)) and then linking to your courses from that page. You can use the auto-enrolment links to the other courses.