Custom Video Conferencing Tool Malfunction

  • 26 January 2023
  • 9 replies

Our team has used the Custom Video Conferencing Tool option in Events for ILT Courses and Sessions for a long time now. However, as we try to create new events within ILT Courses and Sessions this afternoon, the Video Conferencing Tool drop down is no longer populating any options - including the custom option. 


Is anyone else experiencing this issue? Are there any known solutions (besides .csv upload of events)?



9 replies

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the system has been laggy since yesterday and I noticed that in some cases, although the window appears to load correctly, not all the elements of the window are available. Try refreshing your browser, clearing your cache etc. See if that helps. 

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We are having the same issue.  

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Having the same issue here too!

I have cleared my cache and refreshed my browser, it is still not populating. 

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We’re working through the motions on our side, chat support says “known issue” 

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Hello, same here. We opened a ticket and it seems that Docebo has already identified the issue and they are working on it. The ETA provided is 31st January.

This issue seems to be resolved at this time. 

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We had the same issue yesterday and opened a ticket, they said it was a known issue.  Glad to see it is working now!