Dashboard Alert - No Training Material

  • 9 February 2022
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An alert showed up on the Admin Dashboard indicating there is one course with no training material. There isn’t a link on the alert to show you which course it is. 
Does anyone know which report can be run to determine which course does not have any training material?


4 replies


I agree, There should be some way to search or sort those courses. We have approx 900 in our U and going through them 1 by 1 is time consuming. I feel there should also be a way to print both the courses and catalogs as to help perform maintenance, or updating them. 

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@mibister @mredilla 

I was going to post this same question as I assumed I was just missing something.

Really? They let you know a course is missing training material, but then do not give you the name or how to access it? 


We also have a lot of catalogs as our learners are divided into many different content types and then split into 10 personas, and the ability to see/print a catalog list would be helpful. Sometimes its good to have a paper doc to pass around and write on it or compare to another list for tracking or monitoring. Thanks for your input, Martin

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@mredilla I ran into a similar issue with wanting a list of branch codes. I needed a complete list of branches and branch codes to share with my coworkers so they could find the branch code to send to customers so they can enroll. There was one report that could run branch codes, only if users were found in that branch. That did not help me as most of my branches were empty.

I contacted support and said I could use the API to get this information. Wondering if there is a way you can get that information from there?​​​​​​