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Deleting a User from a Group

  • 14 February 2022
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I have searched this, but I cannot find an answer. I have an automatically generated group. We had a user leave the company. Now I want to delete him from the group he was in. I can switch him to Manual, but there is no way that I see where I can delete him? There are other groups I need to clean up, but again, l cant find a way to delete the user from the group. What am I missing?


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If the group is automatic, users are only deleted once they no longer fulfill the criteria (in the past it used to be possible to manually remove people form automatic groups, but this option is gone since at least a year).


On a positive note, with this month’s update, we will get an option to add a condition to an automatic group, that only Active users can be part of a group, so once you deactivate an account, the user can be automatically removed from a group.


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Oh yes! That is great! That will help with all the people that are deactivated. Thanks!