Design Tips for Landing Pages

  • 28 March 2023
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We’re new to Docebo and just getting started with building out our pages.  Is there a way to change the font, font size and format?  Additionally, I’ve seen that some people have made the backgrounds on their landing pages a color (vs. white) - how do you do that?  Any other tips to create an engaging & dynamic landing page would be welcome.  Thanks much! 

4 replies

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hmm, pretty big question...the options are varied and depend on what type of impact you’re wanting to make. Also note that you can link pages so you don't necessarily need to place everything on a single page. My favourite and most used widgets are the custom content box and image. They are quite flexible and you can use links to connect to other parts of the LMS ob both widgets. It’s a lot of trial and error but fun design sessions.

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Using CSS you can update to the defaults you want. I am not aware of a field anywhere to do this, so we leveraged custom CSS.

I am not a CSS expert, but there are a lot of experts in the Community who will probably jump on this thread pretty soon to help.

Good luck!

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if using CSS to change fonts, you need to be careful where you apply this ice Docbeo does not guarantee that any custom CSS will hold when updates drop. We try and use as much of the defaults as we can to avoid the potential issue. We sue CSS mainly to hide stuff we dont like such as the gamification icon and the US flag that identifies English, etc.

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I’ve used the HTML widget to build custom learning experiences and program pages. It’s limited in terms of what CSS you can use - it has to be inline, and often more modern CSS is stripped out (i.e. shadows, gradients). It’s a way to avoid the global style sheets and the problems that may come in with updates changing the platform.

However, that said, with experimentation and supporting with imagery brought into the widget, I was able to create a customized program and learning experience that also had the bonus of meeting accessibility needs which Docebo’s other widgets couldn’t meet.