Discover, Coach & Share - is there a way to invite a specific "group"?

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We often utilize the “invite to watch” in Coach & Share, but often, we wish we could narrow down our invite to specific groups and not have to invite everyone. On the flipside, not have to select individuals one at a time manually either. 

Is there a way to invite “groups”?

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I am working through this currently.

  1. As admin, I want certain assets/channels to be available to everyone but only want to push notify a group of them. 
  2. Managers want to be able to invite their teams to view. (currently they have to copy the url and then send an email to their team) 

Solution 1: Requires group emails to be set up (we use GMail Groups)

We have “dummy” accounts with a group gmail that we use to list as experts. Instead of listing 6 members of the IT Team as an expert, “Web Team” is the expert and their shared gmail gets the notification when a question is asked. 

I am considering creating a dummy account for each mailing group (ie. “All Sales” “All Seattle” etc). Then when you want to invite a group, you would select “All Seattle” like any other user. And that email would send to everyone in the All Seattle Google Group. 

My hesitation is I’m not sure how other notifications would factor in and I don’t want to accidentally enroll a dummy account in a course and the whole sales org get an email. 


Solution 2: Doesn’t help managers

The Newsletter feature allows admin to send by group. There is an option in Power User Profiles to give View access to the Newsletter, but I can’t see how that is helpful ever? So, the limitation is who has access, it’s an extra step, and it doesn’t support shortcodes. 

But you can copy over the code from your Notifications and change the short code to the url and send it. 

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@rderango Yeah, we’ve also come up with temporary solutions and work around. But I really wish this was just an available feature. Would make things a lot easier.