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Displaying Content in a standard Channel - What am I missing ??

  • 24 March 2022
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I’m kinda new to channels (standard, not D, C&S) and can’t seem to consistently make content display on the dashboard.

Here’s my configuration:

  1. Custom channel in Admin > Channels, called Latest Uploads
  2. It is published, visibility to 2 groups and 1 branch. My superadmin account is a member of all three of these. Content is one course and one LP.
  3. My dashboard (page) widget is a Channel widget, assigned to display only the Latest Uploads channel.

If I add content to the channel via Admin > Channels, it does not appear on the dashboard. If I enroll myself into the LP, then I get content on the dashboard.

This just seems very wrong to me that something meant for informal learning requires an admin to make it visible.  What am I doing wrong?


Best answer by Neil Patterson 25 March 2022, 17:40

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I believe that courses only show up in Channels if a user is enrolled in them.  There should be a setting to change this though.  Go to Settings > Advanced Settings > Channels.  You should see a tick box there to show courses for users to self enroll.

Hope this helps?

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Also note that this does not work with courses that are for sale; users cannot enrol in them via the channels.

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@lrnlab@Neil Patterson 

The courses are free

The tickbox was already selected.

Any other thoughts?

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 Hmmm, so I have done a bit of digging in the community and found the release note for courses in channels.  It says:

Rules on engagement

Learners can self-enroll into courses from channels only if:

Remember that courses under maintenance are not shown in channels and that learners cannot see learning plans available for self-enrollment in channels.  


So to me, that says the course has to be in a catalogue as well, and that catalogue has to be visible to the user.  Try that?

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Agree with you @Neil Patterson ...I guess I assumed that this was already the case.

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This is an old post, but I will add to this.   Courses need to be in a catalog in order for users to see them.