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Do expired employees get notifications?

  • 4 January 2023
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Notifications are sent based on group assignment; however, even after selecting “remove deactivated users from group”, expired employees continue to appear within my groups. Do they still receive notifications or does the expiration override this?


Best answer by IanMonk 4 January 2023, 16:34

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Well, I answered my own question. After some testing this morning, it appears that expired users do not receive notifications.


Use case:

Employees on leave and their managers were receiving notifications for incomplete courses. I was looking for a solution to stop these notifications without reconfiguring our groups/notifications. Instead, I used the automation app to expire and unexpire users based on an additional field (Employment Status).

I created two rules in the automation app that look like this:

  • Leave-Start
    • IF Employment Status is “Leave – Payroll Eligible” OR “Leave – No Payroll”
    • THEN set User Expiration to “Yesterday”
  • Leave-End
    • IF Employment Status is “Active – Payroll Eligible”
    • THEN set User Expiration to “Empty value”

User expiration is based on date. When a user’s status changes to “Leave” the system sets an expiration date in the past and expires the user. When a user’s status changes back to “active”, the system clears the expiration date and the user is no longer expired.


I have not used the expiration functionality before. Is there anything else I should be aware of?

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Your logic seems sound (I dont have anything to add other than clearing the expiration date should do it - we have a column that had a blank value that we work with the automation app on for all of our active employees just to ensure that anyone part of that active file becomes active and is not left as expired).

Thank you for writing it up as strikes me that we may be able to do some things in a similar light quietly.

I would say watch for marking a person inactive versus marking them just expired in the past? We future mark people as expired as part of our integration and a termination file that we send along. But that is about it.