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  • 14 May 2024
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Hello everyone!


Curious if anyone has been able to locate a Knowledge Article or resource that basically shows what each field means in each Docebo report and how the field is calculated? For example, I’ve noticed some discrepancy with how ‘Enrolled’ is defined in some reports vs others on the course management page. I haven’t gotten clear answers but hoping I can get a comprehensive understanding of all the Docebo report fields and what they mean exactly.

Thanks in advance if anyone has guidance on this!


6 replies

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Can you provide some examples of what you mean by “I’ve noticed some discrepancy with how ‘Enrolled’ is defined in some reports vs others on the course management page”...Thanks.

Totally. Appreciate you replying! So I’ve chatted the Docebo Support about this in the past but I’ve gone to Course Management → selected an e-learning course and gone to the ‘Enrollments’ tab and have found that the # of individuals under the field ‘Enrollment Status’ for Enrolled, In Progress, and Completed have not matched with reporting from the New Reports builder. The Docebo Support person confirmed it was a known issue in their system and was not due to any data sync delays.

But that’s just an example, I think broadly I’d like to know exactly how Docebo is 1) defining each field in their New Reports builder and 2) how they are calculating the values on the backend. Unfortunately the data dictionary they provided is over 600+ pages and is not super digestible.

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hmm interesting...never noticed any discrepancies before...nor have we had any reports on this from our admins...either because no now has noticed or by som chance our numbers are correct...If Docebo know of this issue, have they specified wha the symptoms are? or the root cause?

I’m trying to find the old ticket but I unfortunately can’t dig up the chat but I believe it ended up being a discrepancy between one report defining ‘enrolled’ as both the sum of ‘not started’ and ‘enrolled’ individuals vs another report only counting ‘enrolled’ individuals and not the ‘not started’ folks.

This is why I’m hoping to just gather definitions for all the fields so I can keep track of how things are calculated.

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Ah ok I think I get it...I know that this happens with ILT courses where some one can be in progress even if they not touch the course yet but just by choosing a session...thanks for following this up...look forward to what you get back from support...

Ohhh interesting I didn’t know that, thanks for that heads up. Yeah it’s just strange that the same ILT at the course mgmt report level was giving different numbers than the ILT report I pulled in bulk. 

Unfortunately support said they don’t have any current documentation of field definitions. I wish there was a Knowledge Article that went more in depth on report fields. 

Anywho, thanks for chiming in and engaging nonetheless!