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Documenting Override of Enrollment Status Reason

  • 24 August 2023
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Hi All,

I have tried searching and not found my answer, so perhaps I didn’t put in the right keyword combination.

We are only about 6 months in as a Docebo customer.

For our legally required courses for our employees, there are occasional reasons why we want to mark their enrollment status as complete (perhaps they took a training class at a fellow institution we are counting).

We know how to go in and change their status on the enrollments page, but I can not find anywhere that is available to put a note as to the “why” we chose to override it.   I would like to be able to document in the portal so that if I or the HR person are gone, it will be clearly documented why a hand alteration was done to their enrollment status to completed.

It would honestly be even better if changing a person to completion required the user enter a reason for the change.

Maybe I am missing something?





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There are no notes fields when tracking could potentially create an “Enrolment Additional” field and use that to add your comments. These will also reportable.

might be worth a try, especially if you manage that transaction on the admin side


Thank you Irnlab, that is so very helpful.