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  • 19 July 2021
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Our company hires weekly, as a result each week we get the latest and greatest spreadsheet with all of the newest employees to upload into Docebo. As we add more users to Docebo and into Groups (Ops, HR, IT, General Population, etc.), is there any automation or dynamic way that the users are next enrolled in the Courses that their groups are assigned to? 


Or do we have to manually add all the new users to each group every week.

What has worked for you? 



2 replies

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Hi @Ryanmm1123, if I’m understanding your question correctly, the enrollment rule app will help with your scenario. You can use this feature to automatically enroll users that are part of a certain group or branch into specific courses or learning plans.

When using automatic groups, you can also create enrollment flows with the enrollment rule app, eg:

  • Create Group A = everyone in Ops
  • Create an automated enrollment rule that will enroll all users in Group A into course 1 (of 2).
  • Create Group B = everyone in Ops AND has completed course 1.
  • Create an automated enrollment rule that will enroll all users in Group B into course 2.

As you’ve probably seen, automatic groups can be set based on conditions related to enrollment status, branches, and user additional fields. Where needed, you will be able to leverage this level of detail when setting your enrollment rules.

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@Ryanmm1123 Unrelated to your question - have you considered using the automation app to automate the upload of your new hires into Docebo? Rules with the automation app are useful in this case if the CSV you’re importing users from can be auto-generated from a system (eg. your HRIS) and made available in an FTP folder. Docebo would then upload from that folder on a set cadence to update your users in Docebo.

Taking this a step further, you can also look at building an integration via API or with our new Docebo Connect product which offers a set of connectors allowing you to easily build recipes/workflows involving actions between Docebo and another system.