Earn the same badge more than once

  • 25 February 2022
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Can a badge be earned more than once?

Let’s say you want 10 points to be assigned if a learner completes any of a set of 8 courses.

And here’s the fun part… want them to get another 10 points if they complete another one of those 8 courses…..and so on, with a max of 80 points possible.

I have not figured out a way of doing this without creating a unique badge for each course.


I have another use case where it is not tied to a course. We want to be able to manually assign points and have them add up. Imagine you are handing out points for volunteer work. Some people might complete 40 hours of volunteering, others might only get an hour. But the thing they completed is the volunteer hour that’s worth 5 points. Creating a unique volunteer hour 1 through 40 (that’s 40 badges people!) is less than ideal.


So I guess it’s like we do on get a reply marked as the solution you get points. Every time this happens you get more of the same points. Eventually you level up.


Any ideas?

3 replies

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I have answered my own question.

For whatever reason when I tested this before, I could not assign the same badge more than once.

But now, I see that yes I can! Well, at least for one of my use cases. I can’t do the one for “take any of these 8 courses”...but I can certainly use it for the scenario where it’s essentially a manual assign the badge anyway (volunteer hours).


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Hi Lynn - you beat me to it by answering yourself.

I have only one badge out there for completing a new hire orientation training….and I had this happen to a few peeps at 100 points/badge for completing the learning….and sure enough? This has happened.

(I believe this is happening because the person is eligible to complete two learning plans in certain situations)

One one badge available for 100 points….but……...


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I also learned setting a badge to be earned upon completion of ANY of the courses listed, will indeed award the badge multiple times.(the one with the 2 on it was earned by completing 2 courses assigned to the badge) and it also awards additional points.