Email Notifications for Virtual Sessions in new ILT course type

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We have been holding off using the new ILT course type for virtual sessions as the email notifications do not contain the necessary short codes that carry the virtual session info, details, etc.. Is anyone using them for this purpose right now? What are you doing to communicate details of the virtual session to your users?

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Ah yes, makes sense. Completely agree, I’d actually love conditional logic in the email templates for this sort of thing so that you can drastically change the email layout. Been a while since looking at those precise codes as do external outlook calendar invites for all of these so that the content can be fullly controlled and they get an easier add to the calendar. 

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Hi @maryanneharrison sadly no...this has been an issue since they switched Webinars to ILT.

I would like to check with the community if there has been any idea posted and/or any resolution in the notification for the location short code. We started using the notification and it seems that it only works for the onsite locations but not VILT location.

Thank you!