Enrollee in Learning Plan, is not in courses

  • 21 July 2021
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I was under the impression that if you enroll a user into a learning plan they will automatically be enrolled into all the courses in the learning plan. I did enroll a user into a learning plan and user is not showing up when i go to course enrollments. Any idea why this is?

Thank you.

4 replies

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Is seems they have to access a course first, and then they got enrolled into the course. Is this an automatic setting? Or is there a setting somewhere that controls this?

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What I can say here is that them needing to access a course is not how it should work/how its developed. What I suspect is that perhaps you checked very soon after the Learning Plan enrollment? Our system will often process “jobs” as part of a background queue so I am guessing the system was still “doing its thing” to enroll the user in the associated courses inside the Learning Plan while you were checking :)


If that’s not the case, please let our support team know and they will get it sorted for you!



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We are actually trying to mark complete courses in a learning plan from users who took these courses in another setting, using another LMS. In Docebo, we created the users, courses and learning plan and the users are enrolled in the learning plan. They aren’t showing up as being enrolled in the individual course because the scorm file hasn’t been accessed.
I want to mark each course that each person completed in the other LMS as complete in Docebo.
But they are scorm files and I believe the user has to actually access the course first to obtain a scorm-record for lack of better terms.
If this scorm-record doesn’t exist (and it won’t unless they user accessed the content). Then as administrator if I mark that course as completed,  the results do not show up in reports because even though i marked the course as completed the scorm-file was not updated, and the results show only 50% completed.

All I need is to be able to show what percentage of the learning plan is completed for management per user. 
Would creating an import sheet that marks these courses as complete have a different outcome on the Course Status and show up on a custom learning plan report?

Thank you for your time.

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Got it, I see the disconnect here :)


First I think we need to agree on some “Lingo”, or at least Docebo Lingo:

  • Learning Object / Training Material - An individual training item such as a scorm, pdf, etc. They exist in courses
  • (elearning) Course - Composed of one or more learning objects. Completion of the course is trigger-based from the completion of all the Learning Objects within, or trigger based from completed the Learning Object marked as the “end object Marker”
  • Learning Plan - Composed of 1 or more courses. Completion is dynamic-based and is determined by completed 100% of the courses within

If your ultimate goal is to show learning plan progress % as you’ve indicated, then what you really want to do is mark users complete for courses, as this drives the completion of learning plans. Marking users complete for Scorms inside courses is, somewhat, overkill for your end goal. And yes you are right the user must start the scorm for you to then adjust their score/completion for the scorm. 

To mark users complete for courses, you can do this from the enrollments page of the courses (select users > Choose an Action > edit enrollment). This may be pretty time consuming depending on your number of records. We also have APIs that would make this quicker. 


Our Prof Services Org does offer migration services for these types of activities, which may be a better path to minimize effort :)