Enrolment rules - adding resources

  • 1 February 2022
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Hi all

We have a simple enrollment rule that assigns a series of Courses to users in a certain Group.  I have just noticed that, after adding additional Courses to the enrollment rule resources, these are not retrospectively assigned to existing users. 

I knew that existing users do not get retroactively picked-up by enrollment rules, but hadn’t realised the same was the case for resources.

Does anybody have any advice on how best to handle this situation? Is it a case of having to manually enroll the Group to the new courses?  



2 replies

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Hi @Alan yes the Enrolments rules do not work retroactively...perhaps you can create a new group and delete the old one?

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Hi @lrnlab, yes, it looks like it will be a manual refresh of the group every time we add new learning content.  Deceives the object a bit, but oh well! :smirk:  Thanks for confirming!