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  • 20 October 2022
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I wonder if anyone has any suggestions.

We have 6 mandatory courses that we need all staff to complete as soon as they join the organisation.  At the moment we cannot send notifications (explaining this) out to users as soon as they are in the system because of our complicated feed from the HR system which pops in a personal email address first, but updating it with their official work email address up to 48 hours later.

So to get around this, we automatically enrol people on a learning plan (which contains these 6 modules) and have set an expiry date of 1 week for all of them.  The expiry date is on the courses not the learning plan. We then have a notification that fires out when these courses expire to remind them that they need to do them.

If a user hasn't done any of the 6 courses, then they end up with 6 email notifications.  Is there a way to combine these into 1 notifications? 

2 replies

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Hi @KTJD there is a digest version of the Course has expired template...That should send only 1 email/day to each user if their due dates are all on the same day.

called: Digest: Course has expired 

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That's great - will test it!