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  • 4 March 2022
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Hi all,

We use Docebo for internal staff members.  However there is a need to us to make certain modules available to external partners.  Can someone explain to me best practise here so these externals only see the right content.  Do i:

  • Create a branch or a group
  • create the external and users and put them in to one of these branches and groups
  • Create a page specifically for these users (or can they use the one all staff use)

I’m a little lost at the standard process here and i don't want to inadvertently give these people access to the entire catalogue.


5 replies

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what you describe sounds about right...or if you are on the Enterprise plan, you could create a sub domain and make it a fully custom experience.

If not, you can still use a branch to carve out this group and add all your external users there. Once set-up you build pages and menus aligned to that branch + the same for your catalogue(s)

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@KTJD - can you support the externals self registering? That can help you drop them off at a branch and put them into associated groups as well.

and then @lrnlab covered the rest. Dont forget the menu/page interaction….a critical component.

Last note - you may want to hide your global search bar with some CSS. That will help to ensure that the person will not inadvertently have access to your company’s IP.

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and then @lrnlab covered the rest. Dont forget the menu/page interaction….a critical component.


What specifically do you mean by this?

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@KTJD When you have external users, you need to have a specific page and menu for them. You’ll need to set the visibility of the menu to the branch or group that these accounts fall into during self-registration, and then a widget page that displays the correct catalog for their content.

Self-registration into branches is a bit tricky as they’ll need to enter a branch code at some point, which means you need a way of communicating that code for them to use. It’s may be easier to use a group. Perhaps you can add a required additional field that has some identifying characteristic … for example, the company they work for, or a job title selected from a drop down list. The group would capture the data in that field, and then “authorize” them to see their catalog.

I’ve got quite a bit of experience working in this realm, both with Docebo and with other LMSs so if you have further questions, I’m happy to help.

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Thank you @KMallette.