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Feature request - Hotjar for Docebo

  • 8 October 2021
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TL;DR I’d like to request a feature to support Hotjar -


Hello. In my company we have a Hotjar account set up for some portals, and this is very helpful to understand our customers behavior, drive adoption, etc. 

So, I’ve created a Hotjar account for our Docebo portal, but later I was informed that Docebo doesn’t support Hotjar.

So, I was advise to create a feature request in the ideas portal, which I hope is here, because it’s not clear to me where this is.

Thank you 



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@amussap while this would be a great addition, Hotjar won’t work with Docebo, except of the public catalog page.

Hotjar could capture user’s interactions, however for the replay to work their servers need to be able to fetch pages viewed by users using the URL, in Docebo, accessing any internal LMS page requires the user to log in, and Hotjar servers won’t be able to authenticate to fetch page data.

And even if it would be able to fetch page data, this would not be the same view as the learner have seen in their browser - with all completed or in progress courses specific to that user.


<self promotion> At Acoustic we have a solution (Acoustic Tealeaf) that is capable of capturing page data directly from the browser - providing session analysis and replay with the exactly the same content as seen by each individual user. This could work with Docebo, should they provide an option to integrate it with the LMS. I have just created an idea for that on the ideas portal - it will show up soon as LMS-I-5101 </self promotion>


And regarding the access to the Ideas Portal, when you log in as a super admin, you will find it in the Communication Center: