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File Does not Exist

  • 2 August 2022
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When I try to upload a file into the training material of a course or into the central repository, it’s saying that the file does not exist. It’s doing this for any file. I’ve uploaded files multiple times previously but now I’m suddenly running into this issue.

Anyone else experiencing this?


Best answer by KMallette 2 August 2022, 20:25

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Yea, I was having a bit of problem with the CLOR this morning, too.

Sounds like the file system (on your computer) might have the file locked open. I’d suggest resaving the file with a new name or slightly different file format, and see if that helps. You might have to go so far as to recreate the file from scratch. IF you had to do that, I’d suggest creating a new blank file, saving it once, and then try copy/pasting your content into the new file.

You could also try clearing cache/cookies in your browser, or temp files from the application that created the file.  Check the File Explorer to see what the file size is… if it is 0 bytes, then something really is wrong with the file. Also, get the file off any type of network drive, and shut down any VPN connections.

If none of this resolves this, it would help to know what type of file is involved.

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@KMallette Clearing the browser data immediately fixed the upload issue. 

Thank you for the quick reply and help!