• 20 October 2022
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Hi, we are about to turn gamification on in our platform and want to start it off with a simple contest. We want everyone to take a specific course. When I try to set up the contest, my only options is to “complete the highest number of courses” within the time range given. I can assign the specific course,
but the user has no idea what  course they need to complete (see attachment) . It doesn't show up anywhere in the contest tab for the user. How can I set up a “challenge” for just one course? 


1 reply

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Hi @cathyp -

You could add the course name to the Content Name, or you could add instructions/details to the content Description. When your learners access the contest from the My Badges and Points screen, they should be able to see the name and also select the arrow icon to open up the details field with the description. (In the screenshot below, I just have some generic text, and I cropped out the actual course name.)

There may be some CSS or code that might provide you with something more elegant, but that’s beyond my expertise. 

I hope this helps.