Get enrollment details of deleted sessions

  • 5 January 2022
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In my org, if there are not enough people enrolled for an ILT session, we cancel the session automatically.

However, we’d like to still see the list of people enrolled to the deleted session. The goal is to contact them when another session is available. How should be go about trying to do that using Docebo?

3 replies

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I’d probably unenroll them from the session before deleting it, but keep them enrolled in the course - so they will show up as people without a session assigned. (Might be that deleting a session would do the same, I haven’t tested it if you have to first unenroll them).

Then, it will be easy to list them on the enrollments tab to send them an email (asking to select an alternative session) or to enroll them into an upcoming session of your choice.

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If the session was already deleted, you might be able to find them using the Audit Trail app

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We have this same problem. I think someone on my team is planning to add a suggestion to the idea portal to improve that workflow this week.