Getting data from the LMS and use it inside SCORM's web object as url parameter

  • 15 December 2021
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Hey all!

would appreciate any help with this -

Would it be possible to pass to a learning object of type SCORM/ AICC the course id/name & the learning object id/name?

I’m trying to retrieve these dynamic parameters from the LMS and use it as a URL parameter implemented inside a link in the SCORM file. I wonder if that’s even possible...


2 replies

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I’m not a SCORM expert but I think that support could likely help you with getting that information. They’d at least be able to open an inquiry to the product team to get more information on your behalf.

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It’s definitely possible as those values are SCORM parameters


Its just a matter of calling them at the runtime and then scripting out that URL you want to make.