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Global search - what does it actually search through?

  • 5 August 2021
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Hi everyone,

I’m really keen to understand if the “Global Search” tool in Docebo Learn searches through SCORM modules? 

I have some strange results coming back that I believe may be coming from within a SCORM module and possibly the code used to help with automating text to voice which is material kept in the SCORM package.

The results are not good as it includes phrases used to help the text to speech work more effectively with essentially bad English to help pronouncing some words, but as a search result it looks very bad.

Does the Global Search search through the contents within a SCORM package?

Many thanks for your help folks.



Best answer by paolo.gaioni 5 August 2021, 13:41

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Hello @jckemv ,

our AI engine crawls content uploaded as Training Materials, including SCORM packages, then it creates a transcript and applies tags.

Once this content is indexed, it is made available within Global Search and results are provided to users.

In the mentioned KB article about Global Search, you can see a table that lists the items and their relative boost number used by Docebo to add more relevance to the relative searchable field in the ElasticSearch base algorithm.

As you can see, tags are the most relevant field used for Global Search results; you can manually edit tags associated to each Training Material (this page contains information on how to manually add and edit tags on SCORM content).

In the same article you can find a link to this document about taggable content types.

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For us, the auto-tagging of SCORMs does not work very well due to the nature of our content. We have to delete all the tags for the global search to be useable. It would be great if we had an option to disable the automatic tagging.  

Another useful setting would be to restrict the global search “all results” tab to display just Courses or just Learning Plans. It is never useful for us to get the SCORMs listed in there. 

Out of interest, @paolo.gaioni , does Docebo have any plans to upgrade the global search experience?

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Another useful setting would be to restrict the global search “all results” tab to display just Courses or just Learning Plans. It is never useful for us to get the SCORMs listed in there. 


This has been an issue for us as well. Many of our learners simply do not understand the value of each individual SCORM training material being returned in the results. I get the value in that but frankly, it’s been an uphill battle explaining it to leadership and others, many of whom simply aren’t computer savvy…

I’d prefer to be able to just disable training materials being returned as individual search result objects. A better alternative might be to simply add their titles as tags automatically to the parent course.

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Search is really painful in its current form for being truly useful to us on a number of levels. Those already discussed here all give us trouble too. The automatic tags, because of such a high point value were making the results completely useless. We have begun removing all the auto-generated ones and using it for things we want to find the course specifically. I agree theres a strangeness to seeing a plain scorm package in isolation. It is also weird that page content is not indexed at all, so if you build custom pages to structure and organize content and provide information, it basically does not exist in the search. Having controls over the result types and what is shown would definitely be a huge improvement.

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We ended up hiding it with CSS for our external users.  They were getting too many random options for things they were searching and unfortunately, since it is so prominent at the top of the page, users kept going to that first, instead of navigating to the appropriate catalog.

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Agree with the comments on auto-tagging however if you do take the time to review and update tags, the search works quite well...We have used this to enhance search results like an SEO (search engine optimization) tool by adding the asset title to the tag list. If you know what terms users usually search for that also helps to get them right.

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@Annarose.Peterson can you share the CSS you used to hide the bar?

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This is an older thread. But there is a Did You Know moment.

You can use the localization tool to actually remove the word SCORM from the search on the fly from your training material. I haven’t tested where else it can impact, but it can impact the search.

All of that said - it is important to see changes with the global search - we need more control there to improve the results with it, or like many - I will be opting for ways to actually hide it over time.


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There should be a box on each course that you can toggle, include in global search yes or no.  I’ve seen that in other platforms.