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In the Add New Apps in Docebo, we have activated “Google Analytics” which reports out on our Docebo platform and was wondering if anyone else is using this.

  • We are trying to understand what our users are interested in (courses, widgets on the home page, reports, etc.) 
  • To know what widgets on our platform are being used the most, so we can move, remove or add new ones.
  • To communication with our management the Google Analytics reporting on the platform.

If you have any suggestions here, please let me know. 

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@martiniwinski is that method still working for you? I can’t find “global-search” in any value I pull. I’m even looking at the full url in google data studio.

Additionally, the search type also doesn’t seem to be supported in G4 site search. I can’t have a dash in the Search Term Query Parameter.

Thus I’m stuck. I can’t find a way to extract searches.

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Hi Jessica, 

I’m still using Universal Analytics in Google Analytics and trying to hold off switching to GA4 since it’s way more complicated for basic data purposes. On July 1, 2023 Google is pulling the plug on UA, so I guess we’ll be forced to go that route.

The search results still come in for us in Google Analytics (UA) without issues.

An easy way to view searches (GA UA) is by filtering the Site Content > All Pages with “/global-search” to get all the search terms. Hope that helps.