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Group Enrollment Notification

  • 29 March 2023
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Hey all, we are trying to automate some of our notification or newsletter processes as part of our New Hire training. Does anyone know of a good way to send a notification triggered by group enrollment? We are trying to avoid notification based on course enrollment for this particular use case.


Best answer by lrnlab 29 March 2023, 19:22

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Only one I can think of is called, User Subscribed to a Group. We tried this to advise our PUs that a new user was added to a group but it hasn't been working. The description seems to be what you want. Pleas make sure to test thoroughly.


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Hi @Talitw there is a notification for when a person joins a group.

You may want to be careful and deliberate with that - as it can feel even that much more dynamic versus enrollment rules.

Notification Events and Conditions – Docebo Help & Support

But look for subscribed to a group on the one help page.

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@lrnlab and I were racing...

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Thank you, @lrnlab and @dklinger   - I think the language ‘subscribed’ to group in the event notification was confusing me since I am enrolling the users into the group, I thought it was for some other event. We tested it and seems to be working well on user enrollment into the group.