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Group Enrollment Rule based on Course Category?

  • 19 March 2022
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I want to create a group that auto-populates with all users who are enrolled, in any status, in any course of a particular category. The total number of courses is 40+ and possible enrollment status is at least two for us {in progress, completed}. Since it seems that each group enrollment based rule only allows you to select a single course and a single status, it seems like we’d have to create 40*2=80 rules which is more than the maximum. Wondering if anyone else has this situation- or if I’m missing something on how to accomplish this? 


Best answer by dklinger 19 March 2022, 21:50

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Hi @sgary,

A proposal for you - put weight on the groups side of the story. I believe you can establish 10 conditions for 10 you can leverage a single group to drive your enrollment rule IF your are looking to have anyone of those course drive an enrollment into a single something else (LP or Course). You can do this because group status can be driven by enrollment status for not just one course, but multiple courses.




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@dklinger you’re so right, thank you! Seems obvious now- didn’t occur to me to add additional conditions as new sets. Still seems insane to have to create 80+ different conditions, and then remember to come back to update the conditions each time we create a new course, but at least we have a way to accomplish it. I’ll propose an idea in the community around easy multi-select on courses and enrollment statuses and/or category based enrollment rules.