Guide - How to obtain an access token using a JWT Bearer Grant Type Via Postman

  • 13 September 2022
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Hi everyone, I’m Elvin Torres-Alicea from the Docebo Support team and I would like to share this informational guide on how to obtain an access token using a JWT Bearer Grant Type Via Postman


The guide will assume that you already have postman installed on your computer and have the API and SSO app is installed on your LMS platform.


More information on how to get an authentication token on the following KB.


Downloading postman:


Please see the attachment’s section below to download the document.


More Knowledge base articles for API:



We’d love to hear your thoughts on this guide and if it was helpful for you. Please share any feedback and/or questions below.

2 replies

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Nice, I typically use one of the authentication methods for security and have it pass down the collection, but super useful to know!

This is a really useful guide.  I have spent all morning trying to get JWT working in Postman, so that I can take the logic over to PowerBI  because reporting in the front end is extremely difficult.  This guide detailed every step to complete the task.

That said, I would like a reference that points to how the Public Key works and relates to the other pieces of the solution.  Some other generic JWT resources online didn’t detail that step, so I’d really like to understand what is going on.