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  • 16 December 2021
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Is there a way to make the graphic on the site clickable to the homepage? I created a link to go to the ECI home page, but it would be much easier for users if they could just click on the eci Learning & Deveopment log. I cant figure out where that “lives” in order to edit it?


2 replies

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HI @cathyp the logo is by default set with a link back to the homepage...think your issue is trying to click it while you have the menu panel open. If you close it, you should see your logo at the top left which when clicked brings you back the homepage

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Hi @lrnlab you are exactly right - its because the menu was open. Once I closed the menu, I could click on it. That seems counter-intuitive to me. But guess I'm the only one! Thanks for the help. I appreciate it!