How best to get this user info for reporting?

  • 29 January 2022
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I’m working on a project where we need quite a bit of user information for reporting, about 40 data points. These are mandatory and there’s no way around it. To improve user experience we split the questions into three parts that are completed at different times of the learning plan. We tried a few things but none has really worked:

  • Surveys are out since they’re anonymous. We thought of adding a “Enter your name” field but then realized that answers are aggregated by question.
  • Tests would be a possibility but there’s a lot of test-specific language (Submit test, passed) that might be confusing for learners. I’m toying with the idea of using the Localization Tool to change the language to be neutral enough to work for both tests and this type of survey - has anyone tried this?
  • Observation checklists were a nice idea but there is no useful reporting
  • Enrollment additional fields: A candidate, but doesn’t allow multiple response questions.

We’re exploring 3rd party options but anything within the LMS would be better. Another priority is a robust solution that requires the least amount of maintenance.

Any ideas or suggestions?

3 replies

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Hi @LSP have you checked out the API’s? There are other ways to possibly extract the data you're looking for.

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Hi @LSP have you checked out the API’s? There are other ways to possibly extract the data you're looking for.

Oh, interesting! I just had a look at the Knowledge Base articles but I couldn’t tell how big of an effort it would be. What would a general workflow for an API setup look like (for a 30-ish questionnaire with single choice, multiple response, free text fields)?

Also, how does an API setup with, say, SurveyMonkey compare to iframing it on an HTML course page?

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Hi @LSP an API can be set-up in minutes if you have a tech/database expert to help you.