How does "Number of days to check in advance" work?

  • 3 July 2024
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I’m attempting to set up a digest notification for managers to list their employees and the compliance courses that are overdue. We thought it would also be nice to include courses with approaching due dates, and I thought that’s what the “Number of days to check in advance” feature is for. 

But then I found this: 


And what I’m confused about is how the sending Notification on a specific day of the week at a specific time AND Number of days to check in advance work together.

The guide linked above notes that if I use “7” days to check in advance, then the email will be sent every day for 7 days before the course is due. But I want ONE email to be sent on ONE day of the week (ideally Monday) with a list of courses for each employee that will become overdue within 7 days, and that are already overdue.

Is this possible, or am I reaching for something that doesn’t exist?


Also - if you are using this notification for managers… what are you doing, and is it effective?



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not sure you can program that to happen automatically but the digest emails usually have the option to send manually...maybe that’s your best option? It also depends on the due dates and how much time you allow your users from the time they are enrolled to the time they are due to complete the course(s).