How have you created Dashboards?

  • 8 July 2021
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I was under the impression that we could create custom Dashboards.  Is this possible?  I am not finding a dashboard engine anywhere.  I saw something about creating a custom page and using widgets, but the widgets don’t have the information I would want in a dashboard.  How have you all created Dashboards for HR Directors, L&D Directors and Professionals?  I would want to combine statistics on usage, completion data on high visibility initiatives, onboarding of new EE’s.  Is this possible within the platform?

1 reply

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There is a ‘Dashboard’ in the Admin menu but it is not customizable. As you saw, there isn’t a dashboard engine. The way to do this is a combination of a custom page with widgets (there are widgets that, in my opinion, are only useful for dashboards as they show meta stats). In addition, links to custom reports could be included.