How to boost ILT courses in search

  • 30 September 2022
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We have an in house Excel course that gets lost in the search function amongst all of our LinkedIn Learning content. I want to be able to boost our live Excel course above the many many LinkedIn Learning options. We have Excel in the name, in the course code, in an additional field for the course and none of it seems to get it before the 20th option. (Only one of the LinkedIn Learning courses uses tags) Is there a way that will be as effective as tagging for ILT?



3 replies

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tagging conquers all unfortunately. another solid example of the weakness of the current search implementation and lack of control over it. I don’t think there’s a great workaround currently, hope I’m wrong though for you. 

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If there is any kind of material you can add to the course, maybe a “pre-work,” welcome doc, or handout for the course you could use that as an opportunity to add tags to help it surface better. Not perfect but it’s an option.

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And if you haven’t already..go vote and provide your scenario feedback on this idea thread: