How to change visibility from private to public

  • 21 September 2021
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A subject matter expert uploaded a video to a Coach & Share channel and marked the asset visbility as private. He shared it with me but I don’t see an option to make the visibility public to all. Can someone point me in the direction to change this setting?



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Hey @tina, great question. There are a few ways that you can update the visibility of assets.


1️⃣ Have the individual who originally shared the asset edit the asset’s visibility

Learners can edit assets that they upload by viewing the asset, selecting the ellipsis in the top right of the screen, and selecting Edit


Select the Edit option from the top right of the asset view page to edit an asset


From the Edit Asset page, the learner can then navigate to Shared with > Share to select which people and/or channels they’d like to share the asset to. 

Note: they will only see the channels that they are assigned visibility and have permission to share in.


🔥 Hot tip: to ensure your learners can always see all of the assets and playlists that they’ve created in the platform, make sure you add the My Channel page to their menu or consider adding it as a hidden page. This built-in page will allow the learner to view all assets they’ve uploaded, as well as all Playlists that they’ve created. The relative URL for this page is /share/myChannel


2️⃣ Have a Superadmin edit the asset’s visibility

Superadmins can edit any assets in your platform. In this case, a Superadmin could either access the asset directly or navigate to ⚙️ Admin Menu > Channels > Assets, then select the ellipsis on the right side of the asset they’d like to edit, and select Edit


From the Edit Asset page, the Superadmin can then navigate to Shared with > Share to select which people and/or channels they’d like to share the asset to. The Superadmin will have the ability to share the asset in any channels in the platform.


The learner who uploaded the asset and all Superadmins have the ability to edit assets, including visibility settings.


The Sharing and Managing Content article in Docebo Help has more information about sharing and editing assets.


I hope this helps!