How to create bulk courses using Docebo API?

  • 19 October 2021
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Hello Everyone,


I would be interested if anyone has created courses (E-learning/ILT) and training material in bulk using Docebo API? 

If so, can you explain what are prequistic and process to follow?

Thank you.

2 replies

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Have you checked the documentation for the API? Each endpoint explains the required minimums, and gives sample code: https://{yourinstancehere} 

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Hi @abhijeet.dalvi ,

@dominyza is right in directing you to API browser. The one that helps you is as follows :


Create a new Course




Here you need to create a payload (I must say with lot of permutations and combinations) and arrive at the holy grail. However, its important to note for both sandbox and live, payload may differ. You can upload multiple courses using csv. 

However, let me provide you one more option though we utilise the api option. 


This is the automation rule, you would need FTP or SFTP credentials for this to shoot. Again its pretty easy to upload the csv here. Hope this helps you.