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How to display an ILT event calendar on a page?

  • 28 October 2021
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I am hoping someone has done this before - it seems like a common thing. I want to get an event calendar on one of our pages to show the users events they have not registered for. The only calendar widget is the My Calendar which shows courses someone is registered for - am I missing something or can this be repurposed for a general calendar? Maybe a custom HTML widget is the way to go instead but I can’t find anything in the Docebo docs for this




Best answer by alekwo 28 October 2021, 10:12

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Hi @mwd you can use the Catalogs widget, and in there set the Display Mode to the Calendar view.

It will show to the user all ILTs & webinars from the selected catalogs (or all) to which the user has access.


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@alekwo well that was far too easy :grinning:


Many thanks - just what I needed

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This is so awesome. A feature that I’ve been thinking about and it exists built-in. Thanks heaps.

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Where is this widget?  Is it under the learn or coach package?  I only have my calendar as an option.