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How to fully unenroll from a course as an Admin and remove all course content

  • 17 August 2023
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Can anyone share how to fully unenroll from a course as an Admin?

I’m able to unenroll, but all the course content is still showing as completed. 




Best answer by lrnlab 17 August 2023, 19:36

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It’s usually a 3-step need to RESET the user on the training materials (each object needs to be reset) and then you can change the enrolment status back to enrolled, then you can un-enroll the user. This is the only way I know of to fully reset a user.

The other option is to Archive the user record. This contains an option that can reset the training materials and un-enroll the user in a single operation. It does keep the previous record attache to the user so this may work for you or now.

You have both options. I used the first when testing but use the 2nd if the user had an issue with the course or needs to complete another time, etc.

Thanks so much @lrnlab !


That worked, I ended up use the Archive path. It was fairly obvious when I followed that path.




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Great! glad to help