How to get group/users assigned to catalogue via Docebo APIs?

  • 19 November 2021
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We have several catalogues. each catalogues has some user/groups assigned. We want to get groups/user assigned foe each catalogue via API. not sure which API or combination of API to use

2 replies


Have you looked at the following:

  • /learn/v1/catalog
    (and its various sub-endpoints) for retrieving which catalogue you want
  • then you probably want 
    /manage/v1/user and /manage/v1/group

    to assign them to a catalogue

  • and some sub-endpoint of 



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Hey Rahul,

I don’t believe we offer an API today for fetching the configured visibility/assignment of catalogs. Catalog management still resides in our old framework, when we bring it into the new - it should also come with an associated API set which would provide coverage to your ask. 

Now, we do have an API which will show what catalogs a course is assigned to, but this is the inverse of what you want I think, and may not be efficient for your integration strategy. If you want me to point you to that one, let me know.