How to upload big video file assignments

  • 13 May 2024
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Hi everyone, as we know the file size limitation is 40MB  for video uploads to an assignment.  We need our users to demonstrate certain complex software and upload the demonstration videos as assignments, so 40 MB is not enough.  Could you share how you achieve this?  We’re a global company so we need to consider access limitations across different countries, e.g. China.  Thank you for the help!

5 replies

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Have you asked support about this?

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Oh, that’s a tough one. Have you considered using a hosting site, maybe dropbox or vimeo, and having the learner upload a link as the assignment submission?

Thanks for your helps!  I’m afraid Vimeo is blocked in China. I’m checking with the support. It’s tough if Docebo doesn’t raise the file limit.

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@ltao The other option might be to create the assignments in smaller chunks so that their videos might end up smaller? For the steps (or key steps) in a process rather than the end-to-end process

...and teaching/requiring them to edit their files before uploading them to take out dead space in the videos. Most smart phones have pretty decent video editing.

Docebo Support has increased the video file assignment limit for us. Thanks everyone!