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ILT course not completing even though progress is 100%

  • 21 December 2022
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Hi all,

I was hoping someone could help me out here. As shown below, I’ve created an ILT course but it’s not showing up as completed even though all the training materials are complete and progress is at 100%. The completion rules setting is set to “At least one completed session” and the session completion setting is set to “Training Material Based”. Am I missing something?

Progress at 100% but not completed



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6 replies

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Hey - havnt used the training material option, but the support article states:

”The session is marked as completed when the learner completes the training material set as test in the course.”

Which says to me one of your materials should be a test and that score shouldn’t be showing as 0 if it was completed. Did you configure one of the materials for that?

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That’s interesting. There’s no test in this course, just a curriculum, some observation checklists, and a survey at the end. Do you think it might be mandatory to include a test?

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Okay, so I think I understand. If you want to use the “Training Material Based” option, you need to include a test. Otherwise, you need to set it to one of the other options. I was hoping there was a way to automatically mark the course as complete once all the training material is complete.

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Hi @Daniel , if you’re using Adobe Captivate to create the eLearning I can show you how to create a score of 100 without a test/quiz. You just assign a value to a button you know they have to click on (usually at the end of the material ). The term quiz here is actually purely notional.



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Thanks for the suggestion @Stephen.Barton, but unfortunately I don’t have Captivate. I’d like to find a way to mark the course completed using the native tools in Docebo. If this isn’t possible, I guess we’ll have to use one of the manual options.

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Found this thread….I have the same problem, however I do have a test and it is being completed. Any other thoughts on boxes to check?